Puppies sired by our very own Choco-Bono

Puppies sired by our very own Choco-Bono

Here you can see the producing power of Bono our main Chocolate French Bulldog stud here at Silver Blood Frenchies. Bono has produced Blue and White Pied Frenchies, Solid Chocolate French bulldog puppies, Blue brindle french bulldogs and also Blue Fawn Frenchie pups. These pups shown here range from 9 weeks old to 10 months old. Bono is a Chocolate Pied French Bulldog with double gene meaning he has both blue and chocolate in him and can produce both varieties. Bono is available for stud services also at $2,500 or depending on the female being bred - pick of the litter. Enjoy the pics! :)



Chocolate pied french bulldog female puppy daughter of Choco-Bono


Cocoa is a chocolate carrier brindle female french bulldog out of Choco-Bono




















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