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Blue French Bulldog males and studs of SilverBlood Frenchies, they are either blue or blue carriers and are excellent companions and lovers. To see available Blue French Bulldog puppies click here. To be added to our waiting list click here.




SilverBlood's Lilac Champagne Love

Beautiful blue fawn french bulldog male stud dog Bubba Blue



- - - - -- - - Champ


Color: Lilac Pied

Bloodlines: Silverblood, Gold-Sierra

Registry: AKC

This is our amazing home-bred Lilac future stud! Our boy Champ is off our very own Goodie and our produced girl Diamond Girl (daughter to GR CH Chocomil). We are very proud to have produce this gorgeous bully boy. We hope he will become a great part of our breeding program and give us many lilac frenchie pups in the future. He is perfectly built with an amazing bully head and smashed face with big wrinkles, Heavy bone and great stucture. His bloodlines are of the finest you can find in the exotic frenchie world. His color DNA is (bb, dd) and he will pass on blue and chocolate to 100% of his offspring.


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SilverBlood's Bubba Bluebux

Beautiful blue fawn french bulldog male stud dog Bubba Blue



- - - - -- - - Bubba Blue


Color: Blue Fawn Pied

Bloodlines: Shark, Glen Lee

Registry: AKC

Meet Silverblood's Bubba Bluebux AKA Bubba Blue. This is our foundation stud and it's very easy to see why. He is one impressive & very bully male frenchie. Right away it's clear his head is very unique as it's larger than most and very wrinkly with very defined nose & face rolls. His face is completely flat and his top skull very broad. He has heavy bone, a muscular body and rear and his body is compact and very cobby. He is Blue Fawn in color and comes from the best bloodlines. His bloodlines are Blue Shark and Glenlee. The best of Hungarian and Russian bloods. Bubba is up for stud to approved French Bulldog females.


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SilverBlood's Mr. Goodbar AKA Goodie



- - - - -- - - - Goodie


Color: Chocoolate Brindle (blue carrier) Lilac producer

Bloodlines: Von Der Monarchia, Little Predator, Du Champagne, Shark

Registry: AKC

Goodie is an excellent example of a bully, well bred and superb confirmation for a chocolate frenchie. He has an very cobby, compact body and frame. He is short and thick with great bone and structure. Goodie has a flat face and short tail. His confirmation is to standard and we hope to pass that on to all his offspring.We will be breeding Goodie to a few of our blue and blue carrier females this year and are hoping to produce amazing little double factor puppies, both blue and chocolates. Goodie is our beautiful chocolate frenchie stud who is also a blue carrier male. His sire is a chocolate male (blue carrier) and dam is a pied (chocolate & blue carrier). We are hoping to produce amazing double factored puppies from him soon! Most of his future litters will be of double gene pups and hope to produce some lilac french bulldog puppies also. STUD FEE: $2,500


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UPDATE: Goodie has just produced his first litter with a GR CH Chocomil daughter (Diamond Girl) and has produced 2 lilac puppies! He produced one beautiful solid lilac brindle girl and also a gorgous lilac pied boy! We can now confirm that Goodie is a true lilac producing stud! We have decided to open Goodie up for stud at $2,500 for blue or chocolate carrying females and $5,000 for double factored females who would easily be able to produce lilac french bulldog puppies also.



SilverBlood's Golden Gizmo



- - - - -- - - - Gizmo


Color: Black and Tan (Blue carrier)

Bloodlines: Silverbullz, Tea-D's

Registry: AKC

Gizmo pictured here at 10 months old is our up and coming black and tan pied french bulldog stud. He also carrier blue, his full color DNA is (At/At, D/d) therefore he will produce black and tan puppies, blue and tan puppies, blue sables, sables and blues! He will pass on a copy of (At) the black and tan gene to every one of his pups. He has a great pedigree and lineage and may even carry for chocolate (B/b). We can't wait to get our first blue and tan puppies from Gizmo! He has the pedigree and DNA to produce amazing, exotic and rare colored frenchie pups. He will soon be bred to one of our solid blue females to hopefully produce blue and tan french bulldog puppies for us. Feel free to contact us for stud options on our black tri frenchie boy Gizmo. STUD FEE $6,000 USD


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French Bulldog puppies come in a variety of colors and coat patterns. In its most simple forms, French Bulldog coat color can be simply described as fawn, with a variety of possible marking patterns and dilutions possible. Fawn can range in shade from deep red to cafe au lait to pale golden cream. The differences in appearance from here are all due to variants in marking patterns, which range from brindle - black stripes in varying degrees of repetition and thickness overlying the fawn base coat, to pied - varying patches of brindle overlaying fawn interspersed with white markings, to black masked fawn - fawn in differing shades with a classic 'masking' pattern on the face and dorsal area of the body. There are a myriad of variants of marking type, pattern, size and placement possible within these parameters.

Here are a few examples of common - and not so common - coat patterns and colors within French Bulldogs. All terms should be taken objectively, as there is a great deal of difference of opinion within the Frenchie community as to which term defines which color.









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