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Here at Silverblood Frenchies we have take the highest quality bloodlines to produce some of the finest, healthiest and well bred frenchie pup you may ever find. The are blue and exotic colors but you can be certain that they posses only the highest quality blood, most of which is heavily Champion blood from around the world. The sires and dams of our puppies have come from long lines of excellent, top notch kennels and dogs of superb confirmation and sound structure and health. Much has gone into our breeding program to ensure the best possible outcome as far as healthy and happy little puppies. Are puppies are given the care, nutrition and nurturing love that we hope our perspective puppy buyers will continue throuout the life of the puppy. We have some gorgeous pups coming soon so please fill out our contact for or be added to our waiting list to be one of the first we contact when our frenchie babies have arrived! Our contact page or mailing list page can be seen here.

Please visit our FAQs page for Frequesntly asked Questions regarding general Frenchie Care.

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Daisy is an 8 month old female from our last litter with Monster (a black and Tan male) and Soleil (blue pied female). Her DNA is (Ay/a, D/d) so she carries blue and has the ability to produce true blues, solid blacks, blue and tans & black and tans!


PET: $2,500 / FULL AKC: $5,000





PRINCESS is for sale! Very pretty blue girl, very happy and healthy. She is now 11

weeks and all ready to go to her new home. She comes with full AKC. Conact us for




PRICE: $5,000 SOLD











We have just bred our new Black and Tan, blue carrier stud (At/At, D/d) Gizmo, to our blue girl Crystal! Crystal may also carry the recessive black gene (a) which means we may get some black and tan or blue and tan puppies!!! At the very least all puppies will carry blue and also the tan gene so all will be dual carrier (at/at, D/d) and several will be blue in phenotype (d/d). Both are beutiful frenchies and posses great qualities. Their puppies are sure to be very beautiful in look and color. We look forward to producing our first blue and tan french bulldog puppies here at SilverBlood Frenchies!

To be added to our waiting list or to inquire about this litter of puppies fill out our online form here.








Sire: Little Monster (Black and Tan male) X Dam: Soleil (Blue Pied female)



Sable pied Female, Black and Tan Carrier, Blue carrier) $2,500 PET / $6,500 full AKC (Ay/a) (D/d)

This little girl is able to produce blues, sables, black and tans & blue and tans!

our premier double factor chocolate to blue french bulldog breeding has taken place and puppies are available for sale our premier double factor chocolate to blue french bulldog breeding has taken place and puppies are available for sale







This is one of our upcoming litters. We have bred our blue fawn, chocolate carrier female Coco to the
one and only chocolate, blue carrier ABKC Grand Champion Chocomil! This is one amazing double factored breeding that will produce top quality, high caliber bully frenchie pups. The pups will all be blue & chocolate carriers with a ton of substance. Bloodlines include, Little Predator, Gold-Sierra, Du Champagne. Coco is a direct daughter to Little Predator Blue Fire. Both parents display extreme conformation, heavy bones, thick bodies, short and compact frames, flat faces, and large heads. puppies will start at $4,500 and up.


our premier double factor chocolate to blue french bulldog breeding has taken place and puppies are available for sale




Blue French Bulldog Puppies for sale

Blue Frenhies coming soon! We will have Blue French Bulldog Puppies for sale on occasion, including Blue Fawn, Blue Brindle and Blue Pied French Bulldog puppies for sale. We also produce Black and Tan French Bulldog Puppies, Blue and Tan French Bulldog Puppies, Blue Tri French Bulldog Puppies, Lilac French Bulldog Puppies, Chocolate French Bulldog Puppies, Exotic French Bulldog Puppies and other Rare French Bulldog Puppies. We are also looking to incorporate Chocolate or Liver colored French Bulldog puppies soon into our breeding stock of Frenchies. All of our puppies come with their needed vaccinations and fully de-wormed and parasite free. We screen out potential buyers before allowing a deposit to be made on our puppies. We love our beloved Frenchies and want them to live long and fruitful lives in their forever homes with their future loving familes. All of our French Bulldog puppies come with AKC registration and most are sold as pet quality (no breeding rights) or partial / limited AKC registrations. In some cases some of our pups are available with full AKC and with breeding rights. Our Frenchies are Champion bred and of the highest available quality with great structures, strong healthy bones, beautifully matching the physical AKC standards and with compact cobby bodies, and beautiful heads with smashed, wrinkly faces. :)

To be put on our waiting list, please fill out our form and let us know that you are interested in a pup from a future SilverBlood Frenchies litter. To be put on our waiting list click here.


Please visit our FAQs page for Frequesntly asked Questions regarding general Frenchie Care.




Blue French Bulldog Puppies

Here at Silver Blood Frenchies our blue French Bulldog puppies are always of the highest quality and fully socialized up until your new blue French Bulldog puppy is sent to his or her new forever home.
Eventhough our French Bulldog kennel specializes in blue French Bulldog puppies of all types, our kennels have also produced other colored French Bulldogs, such as blue fawn French Bulldog puppies, black and white puppies, chocolate blue blooded French Bulldog puppies and blue brindle French Bulldog puppies including blue pied french bulldog puppies of all variations. Every so often our Silver Blood Frenchies kennels produce bully French Bulldog puppies that are born with redish coats and red noses also known as chocolate frenchies or liver colored french bulldogs. On rare occasions we have also produced very rare colored french bulldogs such as Black and Tan or blue tri french bulldog puppies and even Lilac French Bulldogs which are extremely rare and hard to come across. We also have Solid Blue French Bulldog puppies very often available for sale at our Blue French Bulldog kennel here in Sunny South Florida.
Silver Blood Frenchies blue French Bulldog kennel has has also produced many black brindle French Bulldog puppies that are blue gene carriers in our French Bulldog puppies pedigrees and bloodlines which we have used and produced beautiful blue French Bulldog pups. All blue French Bulldogs owned by Silverblood Frenchies or blue French Bulldog puppies for sale by us were produced from finest French Bulldog studs in the nation who come from champion and grand champion bully bloodlines such as Blue Shark Kennels, Bostondane, Gold Sierra just to name a few. Our French Bulldog kennels produce several litters of blue French Bulldog puppies each year in which most of the top quality blue French Bulldog puppies produced are for sale to qualified breeders, show dog owners and Frenchie fanciers. All of our French Bulldog kennels blue French Bulldog for sale come with a health guarantee, all current vaccinations and dewormings. All of our French Bulldog pups are free of parasites and desease. If you are in search of blue French Bulldog puppies and looking to purchase a blue French Bulldog puppy from an honest and reputable blue French Bulldog puppy breeder feel free to check out our blue French Bulldog breedings page or blue French Bulldog puppies for sale page and contact our French Bulldog kennel with any questions you may have regarding you French Bulldog puppy purchase from Silver Blood Frenchies located in South Florida.



Lilac French Bulldogs

Lilac French Bulldogs

The exotic and ellusive Lilac French Bulldog is one of the most rare and exotic style of canine in the world. Thje rarety of this color of coat on any dog is quite a rarety in itself but to see it on the French Bulldog is just quite a mystical site. The Lilac (or Champagne) coloration on French Bulldogs is part of the blue gene. All Lilac colored French Bulldogs are blue carriers by nature, it is a requirement in order to have the dominant Lilac gene and to be a carrier. Lilac French Bulldog puppies are a site to be hold.

Blue french bulldog puppies

When they are first born they look to be a soft blue fawnish color but as they dry up and mature it is clear to see that this is not your typical blue fawn pup. In fact these Frenchies look almost pink, not their skin but their actual hairs have a pinkish hue that is mind boggling! Not onlu that but thir noses are also redish pink and sometime grayish blue. This proves that they are clearly blue gened dogs by nature. Again, in order to produce a physical Lilac French Bulldog both sire and dam must posses the blue gene, be blue themselves or blue carriers. There are only a very few cases of Lilac Frenchies in the US. You will likely never find any for sale but if you would be so blessed as to find one be certain that you will fork up quite a bit of dough. These frebchie babies will start at a whopping $10,000 and go up from there. Another very exqisite and rare type of French Bulldog that is just as rare and expensive is the black and tan French Bulldog or the more rare the Blue and Tan French Bulldogs orfen refered to as blue tris. The tern “Tri” refers to the 3 colors involved in this dog coat coloring. The 3rd color always refering to white ofcourse.

For more info on these exotic Lilac French Bulldogs visit Silver Blood Frenchies, the leader in exotic French Bulldogs.





French Bulldog Breed Information


French Bulldog History

The French Bulldog was first found in England as the smaller version of the English Bulldog. During the 1860s French Bulldog breeders bred this small English Bulldog breed with the French Terrier, and thus created the breed we know now as the French Bulldog. Many people admired these little dogs and the breed then caught on. The French Bulldog was brought back to England to be shown many of the English threw a fit regarding the name "French" since the breed was originally bred from the English Bulldog.


French Bulldog's Appearance

The French Bulldog is known as a very study little dog with similar characteristics to that of the English Bulldog, with the same large flat muzzle and pug like nose. The French Bulldog carries very large erect ears. The features on the bulldog are not as large as the English Bulldog but look very much the same. The Frenchie has a soft easy to care coat that comes in various colors such as brindle, fawn, and white. The skin is soft and loose like that of the English variety. The eyes are round and dark colored, and the bite is undershot. The French Bulldog has a tail that can be either straight or cork screwed.

__________________ _______ French Bulldogs


French Bulldogs' Temperament

The French Bulldog is known to be a sweet loving companion dog. They are very affectionate and fairly easy to care for. This breed is known for its fun loving personality and is often seen as a comical dog. They love to have your undivided attention. They are very smart and known to be easy going. The French Bulldog needs to have companionship so this breed would work well for a family or individual who is seeking a friend. French Bulldogs are very laid back when it comes to strangers and other animals as well. They are not seen as good guard dogs. They love children and will play well with other dogs. On occasion the males can be a bit aggressive with other males but mainly will behave just fine. They are very willful which can make training a bit difficult, so the new owner must be patient with training. Frenchies are known to be very clean and loving companion dogs. They are not yappy, and are quite considerate of little children, as long as the child is taught how to behave around the dog. Click here for more History of the French Bulldog Breed.


French Bulldog Breed Information


French Bulldog's Role

The French bulldog plays a wonderful role as a pet. They are great for large families or for single adults looking for a friend. They are loving, easy to care, easy to please and love attention. They are carefree and easy going. They are fine around other pets and children. They should not be seen as guard dog but will certainly be your best friend!





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